GLU-Mn is an important micronutrient for plants used for the correction of Mn deficiencies.

Manganese is absorbed as bivalent Manganese (+2) and is carried by the xylem either in this condition or in a solution with organic acids.

Mn plays a key role in the enzymatic system of plants and their activation (for instance, it activates the Mn-isoenzyme operating in the mitochondria and reduces the damage of oxygen radicals (Bower et al. 1992.)

Mn relates to the absorption of energy by inducing the transfer of electrons (enzyme acting on the thylakoids known as Mn-complex) that promote the strength necessary for the Hill reaction (in photosynthesis.) It also activates several enzymes as a co-factor and influences the biosynthesis of the aromatic compounds that plants need (such as flavonoids).

El Mn influences the growth and development of plants by catalyzing the oxidative degradation of the Indole Acetic Acid (A.I.A.)  it is also involved in the synthesis of essential fatty acids.

Deficiencies of manganese affect the metabolic systems of many crops such as: production, photosynthesis, root growth, levels of soluble N, levels of soluble carbohydrates, hormone regulation and synthesis of secondary compounds (phenol, lignin, gibberellic acid, chlorophyll, etc.)

Very often, Mn reduces the intensity of pathogen fungi and bacteria by increasing its availability, for instance, in Gaeumannomyces graminiswhite spotin grains (Graham, 1983), and in citrus.

Infatty spotMycosphaerella citri (Timmer and Zitko 1995), potatoes in Phytophtora infestans (Baba 1958) and rice in Magnoporte grisea ‘’potato blight’’ (Cheng 2005).

There are also reports of reduction of fusariosis in tomatoes (Mandal et al. 1992).

The deficiency of Mn is common in many crops and, specifically, in grains, rice and various fruit trees and vegetables.

It is known that this deficiency is also associated with certain agricultural practices (for instance the excessive use of nitrates), repeated monoculture or conditions such as sandy, dry or alkaline soils.