Organic metabolic bioactivator, based on biofermentation of 4 species of marine algae (Durvillea antartica, Macrocystis integrifolia, Lessonia nigrescens, Lessonia trabeculata) and beneficial microorganisms.

The exclusive and innovative method of biofermentation of BIOTIV (MLB) ®, is based on the activity in multiple zymatics, produced through a careful selection of beneficial microorganisms (strains of bacteria, fungi and yeasts) using algae as the basis of their food, this enzymatic degradation allows the complex compounds of algae to be solubilized into simple structures that can be easily used by plants, generating a series of metabolites of great biological activity, such as hormones, precursors, and organic bioactive components, with a high eliciting capacity, activating the expression of genes from different metabolic pathways associated with protective elements against stress, allowing small amounts of the product to generate enormous responses in plants due to their catalytic effect.

The best results are obtained with continuous use throughout the season.


  • BIOTIV (MLB) ® promotes cell division and expansion in plants and fruits that translates into more performance and quality.
  • BIOTIV (MLB) ® improves the concentration of minerals in the treated plants which allows for fruit, vegetables and crops with better nutritional value and better storage
  • Fruit, crops and vegetables treated have greater resistance to post-harvest diseases, ‎because the epidermis is promoted by the presence of alginates and biopolymers ‎that BIOTIV (MLB) ® has, also promoting resistance to dehydration and sunburn, generating ‎an anti-stress effect in plants.‎
  • BIOTIV (MLB) ® increases dry matter in the fruit, meaning a better post-harvest
  • BIOTIV (MLB) ® increases the resistance to cold in treated plants as it increases solutes in plant cells, meaning a lower freezing point, delivering passive control of damage inflicted by cold.
  • BIOTIV (MLB) ® increases plants’ anti-stress capacity, achieving lower incidences of abiotic stress such as sun damage and drought resistance.
  • BIOTIV (MLB) ® activates Resistance Inducers System Acquired in the plant, which assists in reducing pathogen attacks. Applications regularly generate increased plant resistance due to changes and alters to the substrate composition, generating repulsive effects on the pathogen.
  • The high concentration of beneficial microorganisms of the biofermentation process also ‎makes it possible to compare their use with high doses of compost tea.
  • ‎Repeated applications of BIOTIV (MLB) ® to the soil, allows a considerable improvement of physico-chemical and biological aspects, all of which are key properties in ecological management of soil resources and managing to improve the ‎radicular system of the treated plants.‎