Intertag’s main goal and primary mission are to use our accumulated expertise and diverse experience in order to provide
a complete range of innovative, effective and environmentally friendly products and services relating to phytosanitaires,
or Plant Health Promotion. Intertag specializes in consulting and resolving problems and difficulties regarding crops safekeeping,
integrated pest control and the relation between crops management and nourishment on the one hand and their sanitary and energetic
conditions on the other.

Technical Advising

Available Services

Apart from Intertag’s excellent and renowned service standards we invite you to enjoy:

Project Consultation:

Intertag’s experts will walk your firm hand in hand while fully accompanying the
firm with it’s project or projects insuring it’s successful completion.

Consultation Retainer:

Enlist Intertag’s experts as a valuable and available resource at your disposal.

Q&A Consultation Packages:

Get immediate answers and consultation by Intertag’s experts through
our hour based consultation   packages or through our one-question-method
(for a single non- continuous consultation).

On Site Consultation:

Invite Intertag’s experts to an on-site tour, analysis and consultation.

Professional Lectures and Workshops:

Enrich your employees’, clients’ or colleagues’  professional  knowledge directly by Intertag’s experts.
For additional information and fees please contact us