Our  Philosophy:

Intertag Ltd’s plant health promotion products are the next generation of products developed specifically to benefit farmers, growers, consumers and regulatory bodies.

What is Plant Health Promotion?
Plant health is so much more than just the short-term appearance and productivity of a particular plant, but also the long-term financial and environmental issues resulting from intensive use of agrochemicals. Plant health promotion provides timely nutrition of the highest quality and a disease free solution for crops, enabling superior chemical and disease-free produce, while keeping the natural fertility of the field. Plant health products, like those developed by Intertag Ltd, are the best solutions from a new line of fertilizers and phytosanitary materials, giving the modern grower the means to effectively balance day to day nutrition and protection from pest and pathogen attacks without damaging the environment which is a huge concern today.

The Advantages of Plant Health Promotion Products:

Intertag’s range of products give added value as they are beneficial to both the distributor, who wants to offer a better service to his customers, and the farmer who wants an exceptional crop yield without the hassle of financial and environmental penalties.

Some advantages of Intertag’s products:

Can be applied safely right up to harvesting time without leaving residual traces.
Speedy, real-time effect on overall crop health improvement.
Protection for plants from a wide variety of pest and fungi attacks.
Critical nutrients feed the plants without major leaching.Less applications are needed because the products can be mixed with each other to provide maximum effect. Formulations are polystable and low in salt.
High translocation efficiency of available nutrients..
Increases plant longevity.